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For many people who need a car, going with a used one is a great option. The price is going to be lower and you can get more features for less money with a used or “pre-owned”vehicle. If you are in the nation’s capital, you may wonder where are the best used cars Washington DC?

The first decision you need to make is, do you want to buy from an individual or a dealership? Check out the ads on Craigslist and see if any of the cars for sale there meet your needs. Remember though, that individuals cannot provide the financing options that dealerships can.

When looking for a dealership, start by asking your friends. There’s a good chance that either they have purchased a used car in the area or they know someone who has. Getting a good (or bad) reference from someone can really help. People like to talk about their shopping experiences so don’t be shy about asking.

Head to the internet. There are a lot of Facebook groups devoted to local recommendations. There might be one on buying cars in the city where you are looking. If not, there is most likely a group devoted to recommendations for local businesses of all sorts. You can also post something to your wall or to twitter asking for recommendations. You can also do an internet search for dealerships and look up their Yelp reviews.

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